And now…the launch of, from the founder of the C.C.C.

The Civet Cat Club has moved on to pastures new, to make time and space for

At best the city experience is enlightening, exciting and memorable. At worst it’s overwhelming, frustrating, exhausting and impenetrable. Not everyone has the time or inclination to research and stay on the pulse – sometimes it’s truly brilliant to be spoonfed and led by the hand!

Tropolis is a cultural pleasure platform that cuts through the dross, noise and mediocrity with insight and passion. We obsessively unearth the rich and fulfilling to offer up killer culture, strange and timeless spots. Tropolis champions the very best of the independent and combines the classic, the beautiful and quintessential with the cream of the new, secret, edgy and avant garde.  We’ll show you the best spots for naughty fun or just some inertia, and oblique spots that fly under the radar. We’ll give you a dash of deluxe via swish drinks and dining, but Tropolis isn’t jumped up – yes we love glamour but we gravitate to the humble, dark and moody matter too. We won’t use words like ‘funky’, nor refer to Pret a Manger as a great ‘go to restaurant’.

Behind the scenes we are building some clever functionality to slice and dice the city and deliver beautifully calibrated itineraries for every imaginable need to help you eek out the best. Our intelligent social itinerary builder will enable you to create, download and share smart itineraries – taking the hassle out of planning and making the city experience more fun, fulfilling and sharable. Pluck one out and go and have a damn good time without having to think or plan. The geo-loco intelligence won’t let you overload your day, so you won’t end up on your knees or miss a trick right under your nose.

Tropolis is for an audience of curious, informed hedonists of all ages who look beyond the mainstream, shaking up patterns of routine and apathy. Visitors will be thrown to the lions to explore the wider corners of the city.

We’re kicking off with murky old London before delivering a few more cities we’ve devoured over the years.

Our brand promise? Great design and usability are the key foundations so the user experience will feel natural, look good and function brilliantly.

If you are after some inspiration, get in touch:


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